One Friday afternoon we started a discussion on the relative value of different expressions. You know, if you try to describe that you, ooops sorry, somebody else, was drunk, you could say smashed, pissed, loaded, soaked etc. and we would probably not agree on the relative value of the expression. I would say that loaded was more drunk than soaked, and so on. I think you get the point.

Another thing also hit us, that the relative value of expressions change over time, they are not fixed. So in order to bring clarity in this overwhelming problem we decided to act. The idea that struck us was to set up a site where our friends could rate their opinion on the relative value of any word such as black, white, happy, boring and so on. That way we might get more enlightened.


Once we started we realized another thing. What we were building was a site full of different lists and that relative value isn’t only confined to words and expressions. All stuff seems to have a relative value compared to other stuff… So why settle for words and expressions, why not include other stuff, in fact, why not include everything, why not set up the largest relative list site on the entire planet.
How does it work

Welcome to RateWall.com the place to be if you love top-10, 25, 100 or whatever lists.

At RateWall.com you can add and vote on Top lists about anything. You can browse RateWalls by category or make searches on specific keywords. All RateWalls are divided into categories, and each RateWall can belong to several categories.

What everyone can do on RateWall.com is:
  • Brows different RateWalls
  • Rate candidates, two votes per RateWall and day
If you are a registered RateHead you also can:
  • Add your own candidates to existing RateWalls
  • Create your own RateWall
  • Invite your friends to vote on your RateWall
  • Rate candidates, three votes per RateWall and day
  • Add comments to all RateWalls
  • Create “RateWall” favourites
Do’s and don’t on RateWall.com

Do not submit any illegal material, including underage sex pics, bestialty or anything like that.

Do not submit copyrighted material, unless the copyright is yours of course.

Do not submit names or pictures of friends and stuff unless each person in the picture has given their permission. Respect.

Do submit RateWalls and candidates that are fun, awesome and outstanding.

If you publish stuff that aren’t OK according to the above, we will probably remove it.

We will never give, sell or rent your personal information to anyone. SPAM SUCKS!