Lean Belly Breakthrough – Does This Really Work?

Lean Belly Breakthrough can be described as one of the most effective weight loss programs available in the market today. It is basically designed to eliminate stomach fat and to consequently regain the consumer’s health. The human body is affected by poor quality food, nutrient deficiencies, lack of sleep, environmental toxins, and stress. This is why it is important to manage inflammation, achieve hormonal balance, and to control body fat levels. The program creates an ideal environment for the human body in the burning of body fat. It uses healing herbs, invigorating spices as well as simple healthy foods to assist the entire body. The program has 2 different versions that are tailor-made for both women and men. It provides insightful tips and information that assist in eliminating stubborn fat located around the belly area. It properly explains the foods such as herbs, spices, and nutrients that should be incorporated in the daily diet so as to increase the chances of achieving weight loss. Furthermore, it also outlines the foods that should be avoided as they affect the proper functioning of the body. It is a very detailed program that contains a lot of information about the disease, weight loss, belly fat, and much more.

Lean Belly Breakthrough Review

About The Author

This effective weight loss program was created by an individual called Bruce Krahn. He is a renowned celebrity fitness instructor who is seasoned in the fitness as well as the nutrition industry as he has been around it for several years. He designed the program on the basis of regaining balance as well as finding the happy medium that is required in maintaining a newly acquired bodyweight.

Bruce Krahn has worked with close to 100 different clients, this is inclusive of Criss Angel and Nelly Furtado. He has featured in several health and fitness magazines with a global presence. Some of the notable magazines are Toronto Star, Best Health, and Men’s Exercise.

The very fact that Bruce Krahn has been a qualified fitness consultant for nearly 15 years and has worked with high profile individuals in society such as celebrities makes him very credible.

He developed the program after his father-in-law suffered a heart attack on a flight because he was overweight. It is during this time that Dr. Heinrick gave him a program that greatly assisted him to lose his belly fat and restore his overall health. The weight loss program is also said to have helped Bruce’s wife to lose substantial weight in just a short period of time. This shows that the program was tested with the family first before being released to the world and it is for this very reason that it should be trusted by consumers.

Dr. Heinrick recommends the solution and supports the procedure as he witnessed a 100% success rate with his patients. Both Dr. Heinrick and Bruce Krahn described Lean Belly Breakthrough is a collection of insightful tips, motivation and food suggestions that are meant to enlighten people about hidden calories, nutrient-rich foods as well as to make minor changes that function to promote weight loss. The main aim is to develop lifestyle habits that are sustainable.

Bruce Krahn’s perception of this amazing program implies that it is not a diet but rather an easy prescription that is designed to help individuals eat healthier. It achieves this through the swapping of foods that are empty in nutrients such as processed foods and sugary beverages and consequently replacing them with foods that are both nutritious and promote satiety.

Bruce Krahn and Dr. Heinrick are basically credited with the creation of the right environment for the human body to effectively burn body fat.

How It Works

It works in a very systematic and logical way to provide the desired results. It is a step by step program which works for everyone. The program is inclusive of all the 60-Second for Belly Fat Shred exercise and a comprehensive video guide that facilitates the loss of 1 – 3 inches from the waistline in a short period of just two weeks. However, the program has to be followed strictly and these efforts should be supplemented by the consumption of the good healthy foods throughout a day. This is because it was purposely designed to be a day-to-day blueprint for bodily transformation for the dead metabolism in most people. The program caters for all the hormones in the body and also provides its consumers with the right knowledge of how to stimulate fat-burning hormones within the human body.

This effective weight loss program also provides users with the correct and details of the information on how the process can be continued in their daily lives. It works by using natural methods to help re-balance the body and achieve weight loss. These efforts usually facilitate better health and overall wellness of the consumer of the weightless program.

It helps in losing belly fat using the simplest way imaginable while avoiding any of the terrible signs associated with weight loss and also any health problems related to aging. This is what allows consumers to quickly eradicate belly fat both speedily and effectively. It also works by cleaning the arteries, improves vitality levels, improves the elasticity of the skin, promotes the health of the joints, enhances sex drive, and eliminates type 2 diabetes.

It works by combining five specific natural body movements that should only be performed in a certain fashion. The combination of the movements and foods guarantees consumers a 10% weight loss in the first two weeks of use. Since the average person has body fat between 18 – 31% then it amounts to a very significant loss in a period of fourteen days. The program works so long as it is keenly followed and the right kind of healthy foods are consumed throughout the day. It, therefore, calls for a high level of discipline.

Causes Belly Fat

Fat that is stored in the abdominal area is considered to be more dangerous compared to other kinds of fat deposits that may appear on the body. The presence of high fat quantities in the abdomen makes it significantly more dangerous compared to fat deposits in the buttocks and hips. The problem usually lies in the fact that abdominal fat possesses a direct health connection and this may result in serious diseases like type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease. People who have a genetic predisposition to excess body weight or simply have areas in their bodies that fat could be stored or lead a lifestyle that is unhealthy have higher chances of developing belly fat. These factors speed up the rate of fat storage and make the health condition to worsen.

Drinking alcohol and the consumption of large portions of food that contain a lot of calories may stimulate the of excess fat in the abdomen. This is why it is important for people to regulate the quantity food they consume.

Trans fats are considered to be the most dangerous for the belly. The presence of fats in food greatly influences the increase in volume of the waist and abdomen. However, when calories are in abundance, it stimulates growth of the belly. Trans fats are bad fats and are contained in baked goods, fast food and margarine.

Deposition of belly fat occurs mostly on the male sex naturally. This is attributed to the hormonal difference present in men and women. It is easy to eliminate all bad belly fat because during weight loss fats begin to descend from the abdominal region.

It is possible for a normal person to have abdominal fat. There is always a misconception that people who are slender cannot have belly fat especially because of the fact that it is rarely or slightly visible in most cases.

Science Behind It

Since fat accumulates around the midsection of the human body, it is usually associated with a good number of adverse health conditions. Eliminating such fat deposits is the best way by which people can fully restore their health. Lean Belly Breakthrough weight loss program acknowledges this fact and provides a solution that is both effective and quick in losing belly fat.


This weight loss program contains several things that help it to be effective, the main ones include the following:

  1. It contains detailed instructional videos to be watched by its consumers.
  2. It has a metabolism enhancing meal plan that is simply delicious.
  3. Libido boosting foods. This helps people who have low sex drives.
  4. It contains an informational overview of a cardiac arrest prevention procedure that is easy to follow. This can come in handy especially when one is in a remote area where medical attention is not easily accessible.
  5. The program specifies fat melting herbs and artery cleaning minerals and spices.
  6. It has recipes for reversing  heart disease and diabetes.
  7. Its content includes an emergency guide to fat loss that helps those who are keen on losing weight speedily.
  8. It has a list of good desserts that are ideal for those with blood sugar problems.
  9. It provides an exact blueprint of what an individual must do so as to solve the problem that causes development of belly fat as well as all the health problems related to it.
  10. It contains an explanation on how one can burn more fat in a similar amount of time.
  11. It has some rituals that are suitable for melting body fat in a fast and safe manner.

It should be noted that the above are not the only contents of this one of a kind program that helps users to find success in achieving a lean belly.

Consumers of Lean Belly Breakthrough stand to learn a lot from the comprehensive weight loss program, some of the notable things include the following:

  • The program offers a list of all of the healthy foods that ought to be consumed in order to decrease stubborn body fat.
  • It will specify the herbs, minerals and foods that contribute to weight loss.
  • It provides detailed instructions to consumers on the potent spices, herbs and food nutrients that they should eat so as to experience a significant effect on their hormones.
  • The program enlightens consumers of the fact that they do not have to purchase any exorbitant pre-packaged foods or count any calories as it is extremely easy to use and cost-effective for that matter.
  • It guides its users on how to properly start-off their sleeping metabolism. This promotes efficacy.
  • The weight loss program contains tracking sheets that help in monitoring an individual’s complete health progress whilst trying to decrease excess weight. The progress is monitored as the shape of the body is developed.
  • The exercises in the program do not take long to perform and can therefore be easily fitted in an individual’s busy schedule. This means that a healthy lifestyle can be maintained despite having several other time commitments.
  • The book of the program is properly organized, easy to follow along and simple. This is an indication that an individual can be able to stick to the step by step process regardless of whether one has ever undergone any weight loss program in the past or not.
  • It offers consumers with insightful tips as to how the burning of twice as much body fat in the body can be facilitated in just under 3 minutes.
  • People benefit from its workout program as well as the follow video (natural) which allows one to lose up to 3 inches from their waistline in just under 2 weeks.
  • It teaches consumers specific beverages and tools that they ought to avoid in order for them to be successful with the comprehensive program.
  • It offers guidance to consumers on the comprehensive list of desserts that is ideal for individuals who have been diagnosed with blood sugar as well as for those who are afflicted by belly fat tissues.

The Lean Belly Breakthrough PDF book is divided into a series of varying sections so as to make navigation easier and to also enhance understanding. The book is easy to navigate because it is well organized despite the fact that it contains a lot information. The book for the weight loss program covers topics such as Emergency Guide to Fat Loss, Recipes and Meals Guide, Libido Boosting Foods, Body Fat and Hormones and much more.

The book has a section that covers meditation. This is because it is an effective way of decreasing inflammation and also stress. It achieves this by altering the blood flow to the brain. It offers consumers some good meditation techniques that they can apply in their daily lives to decrease stress and enhance their overall well-being. This is important because people live a modern life that is fast-paced and is characterized by stressful work situations. Meditation is therefore quite helpful in decreasing stress levels.

It is a weight loss program that prescribes the consumption of nature’s perfect foods i.e. tomatoes, berries, eggs, milk, and nuts. Others include lean protein, vegetables, fruits, legumes, water, healthy fats, and whole grains. Snacks are only recommended mid-afternoon and mid-morning as they help in controlling cravings and blood sugar. The overall effect is that there is a reduction in the chances of overeating either dinner or lunch. The program permits the consumption of alcohol but only in reasonable amounts. One drink is recommended for women and two for men.


It has a good number of benefits that consumers can benefit from, some of the notable ones include the following:

  1. iThe program provides consumers with invaluable knowledge of some of the most effective weight loss strategies that can decreases unwanted belly fat, help in the development of lean muscle and enhance flexibility.
  2. The author of the program teaches users the various techniques that are guaranteed to provide long-term results with regard to lean belly and the general wellness.
  3. The program educates users on some signs to watch out for as they normally indicate an immediate risk of suffering from a heart attack.
  4. It is a non-invasive and the safest weight loss program currently available to consumers in the market today. This is because it lacks any undesirable side effects whatsoever.
  5. The program does not sell any supplements or exercise equipment as add-ons to the program. This is usually an exploitative trend that most weight loss programs in the market have developed and use.
  6. The meals in the weight loss program are good and very tasty. This is important as it encourages people to proceed with the program.
  7. This unique weight loss program provides both exercises and meals that are specifically designed for people who have attained the age of 35 years.
  8. It completely eliminates the need for purchasing and using weight loss supplements, undergoing any severe surgery, subjecting yourself to starvation or even counting calories in order to lose weight. This is what makes it easy to use.
  9. The program is highly reliable and user-friendly. This means that it can easily be understood by any person and that is partly why its popularity is on the rise.
  10. The program is readily available at an affordable price for any interested individuals.
  11. It has the ability of reversing all adverse health conditions and also improves vitality.
  12. The program is very convenient because all of its clear explanations and detailed instructions can be followed in the comfort of the user’s home. This means that users do not have to visit gyms, clinics or other uncomfortable areas used in achieving weight loss. Gym memberships are expensive so that means that the program helps in making financial savings. This can a long way in such tough economic times.
  13. This program does not need any prescription.
  14. A major benefit of the program is the fact that its effectiveness is not restricted to any age. However, the program was designed to help people who are above the age of 35 as they are the ones with true health concerns. Some of the health concerns include weight gain, decreased energy levels, diabetes and heart diseases.
  15. It has a 60-day money back guarantee. This means that consumers are assured of its effectiveness.
  16. It shows people how to restore energy and even how to look younger. This promotes self confidence in an individual.
  17. It restores and improves sex drive. Sex is an important aspect of relationships and this effective program assists people who are experiencing challenges in that regard.
  18. This weight loss program is effective, reasonable and realistic for every individual.
  19. It facilitates weight loss in a sustainable way. This is healthy for the body as it eliminates the need for crash dieting. Furthermore, the weight can be kept off for a bit longer.
  20. After the product is purchased, the PDFs can be easily transferred to the user’s tablet, computer or even smartphone to be conveniently read anywhere.
  21. It provides long term results because it tackles the root cause of the problem unlike some numerous weight loss programs available in the market today that are only good at face value.


There are a few limitations that the program has, these are as follows:

  • The program is only available from online sources. This limits some people from accessing it easily. This is because not everybody is knowledgeable of how to access and use online platforms.
  • The detailed instructions of the effective program have to be followed to the letter or the program risks failure. This means that there are no good physical signs that will be observed.


The Lean Belly Breakthrough PDF is priced is just at $37. The material can be downloaded right after the payment is made and processed. It is sold with a 60-day refund policy. This means that consumers who are not satisfied with the program can be get a money refund. Money back guarantees are always offered by manufacturers who are confident about the quality of their products.


Users of Lean Belly Breakthrough have attained success in an array of areas. This means that it goes beyond just losing dangerous and undesirable belly fat as it reverses or decreases various serious health problems. Victims of poor circulation, hormonal issues and even diabetes have received significant relief with the effective program. This is the ideal program for people who are tired of ineffective diets and fitness regimens. It also prevents arteriosclerosis and lowers blood pressure while still facilitating rapid weight loss especially around the belly. Successful weight loss is only possible if it is approached in a holistic way. Remember to keep things simple but effective as it is the key to the program’s success.