The Healing Power Of Yoga To Restore Beauty

Every one of us ladies has the powers of Athena and Lakshmi hidden inside all of our beautifully strong and feminine parts. However, the majority of us are fast to forget it as we journey through our daily lives. We worry about getting groceries, the kids and their after school activities, going to our jobs and somehow still finding the time to care for others.

Once we finally have the free time to visit to our beloved mats, much can take place in those short but rewarding moments of practice and solitude. Yoga is so much more than just:

  • Sun Salutations
  • Crescents
  • Rocking Boats
  • Downward-Facing Dogs

It happens to be quite a profound yet subtle practice that changes our entire point of view on the world.

As a matter of fact, in Sanskrit, the word yoga actually happens to mean ‘to yoke’. It suggests joining the small individual self with one divine Self. The premise here is each and every one of us already happens to be divine in our own way, having forgotten it by our individuality and identification with our physical body.

More and more attached we have become to our daily lives. With our preconception of our “do’s” and “don’t”, it has become quite easy to forget we are really all divine beings more competent and very capable of just about anything of which we dream.

For the majority, it happens only in those rare and fleeting moments when we truly take note of our breathing or perhaps move into a certain pose we thought we weren’t ready for that we actually catch a glimpse of the goddess that dwells within. And yes, she dwells within all of us.

As time progresses, these infrequent glimpses become more frequent, and you too shall bear witness to Her. Further yet, your continual practice and progression of yoga will mold you into even more of a goddess than you ever dreamed.

Let’s Review Five Ways in Which Yoga Turns You Into Your True Goddess

The Healing Power Of Yoga


All of us began in the same place – standing on an ordinary yoga mat, wearing brand new black yoga pants with an old shirt… And we were wondering… why are we posing like a dog… why are we the only ones out of the whole class puzzled when the instructor stopped speaking English?

This happens to be where the journey generally starts. Just a few short years in and suddenly we discover ourselves putting on our brightly colored yoga pants and anxiously awaiting Adho Mukha Svanasana hoping the instructor puts a headstand into the routine.

All that practice we have done on our mats has allowed us to tap into the hidden piece of ourselves that was locked away after we graduated high school. We uncover that little girl which used to enjoy cartwheels in the backyard before she got older and thought they were a silly waste of time.

Yoga practice allows that playful part of us we all loved (before we worried about what other people thought about us) to resurface. What is appropriate and what is not? Perhaps we do not have four arms like the goddess Lakshmi, yet we still know we are able to take on the whole world. At least this time we’re a bit more prepared to give it a shot.


Every yoga practice we attend, whether they revolve around poses (asana), breath and meditation (pranayama), gets us closes to Her and teaches us something about ourselves. The yoga practice happens to be a medium that funnels us towards self-actualization. This true “self-actualization” is perhaps the utmost gorgeous “thing” you can have cascading down your body.

During the time we are in yoga practice, we are able to hack into our feminine auras, even our masculine auras, and… our divine light… our inner goddess. We begin to become more harmonious and listen to our entire being more completely and are thankful for the fact that there exists beauty in even our most prominent of idiosyncrasies and flaws. We begin to see who, what, and how we are and why for a reason. We start to comprehend the fact that to exist and act any differently would absolutely impede us from being, loyal to, and discovering our most truly beautiful self.


Society has bestowed upon us an abundance of labels. We lug around the heaviness of these words and preconceptions each and every day. Just imagine the numbe of these labels which have been instilled upon you:

  • Mother
  • Sister
  • Daughter
  • Wife
  • Stoic
  • Playful
  • Skinny
  • Selfish
  • Weak
  • Caring
  • Strong
  • Fat
  • Sexy
  • Bitchy
  • Tired
  • Confident
  • Shy
  • Cute
  • Overactive
  • On and on..!

Upon the chance we finally step on our yoga mats, we are able to let ourselves ultimately leave those labels behind… even if just for a moment. We allot a time frame of tranquility even if just for 30, 60, or 90 minutes. Then we hack into the very piece of ourselves which is of purity and eternity. The very essence that is forever beautiful, confident, and competent… no matter influences and distractions that swarm us.


Absolutely… that glow is certainly realized as it cascades from your chin during your 15th Chaturanga Dandasana. However, this isn’t exactly the glow I am referring to. I’m referring to that “wow” element. The energy that precedes you… no introduces you as Her… as you walk into any room. It is that inexplicable factor that leads to people to turn their heads… to smile… to listen more carefully and be more attentive to what you have to say.

If you have ever been to a satisfying yoga class or have been truly inspired by a great speaker… you have to know exactly what I mean. It’s the exact moment where you are balanced perfectly… tranquil… ready for absolutely anything the sky can drop in your lap. You are confident… and beauty… eternal. During this very moment… you are immovable… rock solid… and the divinity within… beams forth a radiance that is dazzling and intoxicating.


Singing. It’s happened to just about all of us. Perhaps you are washing dishes, walking down the sidewalk, or cooking… then you realize you are humming. Was it perhaps one of the Sanskrit songs from yoga practice where you weren’t able to quite comprehend the lyrics, but the melody was euphoric?

Many times we will presume the instructor chose the song simply because it had a great melody and tempo, yet a great instructor will do more than just that. He or she will select melodies containing mantras with meaning that instill the intention of the whole class. Strength, playfulness, or healing are the three main elements behind these melodic transformations you will feel.

These specific mantras and songs are yet even more intoxicating when merged with an asana practice because they carry vibrations throughout the room. These vibrations can transform you on a cellular level. As these songs and melodies cascade down your spirit and become intertwined with your true self (in order to get you to hum them while walking down the street), you’ve just unexpectedly discovered a new inspiration.

Simply by taking that specific sound and mantra with you, you have already instilled more bliss and joy in the body.

We all can see that bliss and joy are the very first steps to becoming a goddess. Every goddess must be joyful as they are divine and of a spirit freed. Each one finds immeasurable moments of bliss and joy. So Durga perhaps finds her happiness in a different way than Aphrodite. Yet… they both live fully… embracing the parts of themselves which are the strongest and inspire the most awe.

Girlfriends, let me introduce you to my friend and spiritual mentor… Zoe Bray-Cotton…