Yoga Classes Online For Those With No Time!

Yoga is swiftly becoming the fitness soul mate for many workout enthusiasts all over the world. Yogis ranging from business executives to seasoned athletes are incorporating this centuries-old Eastern philosophy to their workout programs. Embracing Yoga offers a myriad of benefits including increased bone density, body strength, balance and flexibility, reduced anxiety, lower blood pressure, maintaining a healthy heart, and of course… weight loss.

There are many easily accessible Yoga studios in Western culture today that provide onsite classes. However, due to varied reason including time and budget constraints, not all interested individuals can consistently attend the classes. Nevertheless, they can still learn and practice Yoga from wherever they are by taking yoga classes online. With the vast array of materials and resources availed by experienced trainers through Yoga classes online, you have the most important facet of Yoga training. You’ll just need to arrange for some basic Yoga essentials such as a Yoga mat, apparel, pillows, and well-ventilated space.

One important thing to remember is that having the right equipment and online training materials is not enough for you to become a Yogi. A strong inner will and determination are the key determinants of your success. If you are flexible and are certain that you can maintain these two attributes, see below what Yoga online classes enable you to do:

  1. Learn from the best – With online classes, you can practice with the guidance of some of the best Yoga teachers in the world. These experienced trainers will take you through different Yoga styles so that you progress from one level to another at your own pace. They also inform you on how to take care of yourself as you perform different poses to avoid injuries.
  2. Practice at your convenience – You can access training materials whenever you are free – whether early in the morning or at midnight. If you feel uncomfortable practicing with a group of people, undertaking yoga classes online can allow you to train with all the privacy that you need. From the quiet and comfort of your bedroom, you can meditate to manage stress and heartbreak or perform all your desired styles without thinking about how you appear to other people in a pose.
  3. Control your progress – Online classes allow you the freedom to determine what you learn and when you move to the next level. You can repeat sessions that you enjoyed or those that challenged you. You can also make combinations of classes such as doing meditation before Hatha yoga.
  4. Enjoy the benefits of yoga with a limited budget – To benefit from yoga, it’s necessary to practice frequently. Some people are able to attend sessions even daily but others can’t. The recurring payments can be a hindrance to taking yoga classes as frequently as one wants. Taking yoga classes online is a cost-efficient solution in the case of limited funds. For most classes and workshops, you’ll only need a few bucks for internet charges and you have your training materials a mouse-click away.

Types Of Yoga Classes Online

  • Yoga videos – Videos are one of the best methods of learning yoga on the web. They are simple to follow because you simply do what the instructor does. Some videos are short and address specific yoga styles, or related poses and tips. Others are long and available in a series. They provide training in a systematic way; you feel like you are actually attending a class.
  • Yoga manuals and eBooks – Manuals/guides, such as Shapeshifter Yoga offer detailed instructions in text and photos to guide you as you perform different poses. eBooks gather a lot of information into one place and save you the time of having to hop from website to website looking for information. These materials are more useful to people who are familiar with yoga basics and poses. They can be a little challenging for beginners.
  • Personal Online Yoga Classes – There is a way that you can do yoga in the comforts of your own home yet with a personalized instructor that you pick. You can choose from many different types of yoga. YogaGlo is one of those memberships that now actually offers a 30-day free trial.

How do you know which style of yoga suits you?

With the many different types of yoga in existence, online materials are like a massive database and it’s quite tricky to decide where to begin, despite most of styles having the same basic poses. The following questions will help you as you search for yoga online classes that suit your experience and requirements:

  • Is it your first time doing yoga? Different styles of yoga involve varying levels of difficulty. Beginners should start with gentle styles that don’t cause too much stretching and then graduate to styles with higher levels of difficulty without getting injured. Hatha is considered a gentle form of yoga as it involves basic poses. You are required to hold a pose for a few breaths. Kripalu and Kundilini are also gentle in practice and are therefore recommended for beginners.
  • Why do you want to do yoga? If your reasons are for fitness, to get and keep in shape, and explore the body-mind connection, try vigorous yoga styles like Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga, and Bikram yoga. Poses in these styles engage the body in a vigorous athletic total-body workout. To do these yoga styles effectively, you’ll need a few beginner classes.
  • Is your primary goal to benefit from the spiritual and meditative aspects of yoga? Yoga styles that use plenty of chanting, meditation, and other philosophic aspects of yoga should be your target. Restorative yoga can also be used to heal the mind and body. It has a meditative quality that helps one to overcome emotional trauma such as heartbreak. Learners use a variety of bolsters to maintain the body in a pose for several minutes.
  • Are you injured, have a medical condition, or any other limitation? You should start with slower styles such as Iyengar yoga, Vini yoga, and Kripalu yoga because they focus on alignment.

Online yoga classes are available in overwhelming numbers and choosing the best one for you or your patient can cost you a headache. Don’t hesitate from reading the reviews of people who have used the materials. This is the quickest way to know whether or not a specific class provides value for learners. Check for information about the instructor’s education and certification to ensure the teacher is trained and qualified. If you are subscribing for long-term yoga online classes, consider taking free-trial options first to evaluate the service before you commit yourself to a paid version.